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We are proud of our alumni's representing our school various sectors and industries. Our Alumni's offer mentoring, internships, and career opportunities to students.

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Combretum Trust School Alumni and P.A.Y graduate Melki Hamukoto, who has earned his stripes to attain the title of Private Pilot.

"Combretum has taught me a lot, not only about school but also about me as an individual.

From the moment I entered C.T.S I have done tasks which I myself thought I could not do. I have chosen C.T.S and will gladly choose it at any time and point of the day because of the staff which one finds at C.T.S.


They teach with love and a smile on their faces. They make learning fun for us and teaching fun for them and at the same time inspire to want to learn more and pass with flying colors.

I am a good example of the good work they do at the school, I didn't have Physical Science for 3 years and in 1 year I was able to not only take up Physical Science but to take it on Higher level and still manage to Pass with bright colors, something that can be regarded hard or nearly impossible to do because of the amount of work one has to cover in 1 year.


They bring out the best in an individual, this and many more are alone are some of the reasons why I choose C.T.S.


Combretum has help me gain confidence in myself. They instilled courage and a believers attitude in me, to go for the Dream. From the school attire to the teachers, that is everything that makes C.T.S a different school from the rest.

Their teachers are mothers and fathers to their learners and at the same time mentors to the learners. Something that is not found in any school. They are one big family with loads of love"

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Ndinelago Shomeya, is our top candidate in the 2019 NSSCO examinations and number 2 in the Khomas region.

"My journey at Combretum started in 2016, when my father heard of the school from a family friend. Since I had not gotten a placement in any other school I applied to, I thought, what choice do I have. Little did I know it would turn out to be more than I could have ever imagined.

When I first started in J1, I was rather timid and hardly ever expressed myself in class. I mostly resorted to sitting back and observing my peers. Unknowingly, as the year progressed, I slowly began to break out my shell and became more vocal. It was easy for me to express myself because everyone was so friendly and made me feel comfortable.

The best part about being at Combretum is its intimate atmosphere. Because there are only few learners in the school, it allows the teachers to have a more hands-on approach. It is quite clear that all the teachers have a passion and zeal for teaching, because they are always determined to make sure no learner is slacking, and I just made the most of that opportunity.

At Combretum, no one is an outcast. Everyone is friends with everyone and it is rare to find isolated groups of learners. This intimate atmosphere is what makes it different from any other high school.

At Combretum, we are a family.

As I depart from here, I take with me a collection of precious memories, ones that hold some of the happiest, funniest and even craziest moments of my life. I take with me memories of my family at Combretum, ones that I can never forget and ones I will carry for as long as live. Thank you Combretum. Thank you Combretum."

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