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Our Partnerships


In 2017 the partnership between P.A.Y. and Combretum was born. Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y.) is a dynamic after-school centre in Katutura which provides safe and nurturing learning environment for Namibian children and youth coming from less advantaged communities.


P.A.Y’s holistic youth development model rests on three pillars; quality education which embraces totality of a child’s potentials: body, mind, spirit and affects; sports which change lives by breaking down barriers, changing attitudes and including the excluded; and Life skills which defend the value of self and others, instills equality, fosters holistic wellbeing and promotes environmental sustainability.


Combretum Trust School offers academic scholarships to learners from P.A.Y who have been identified as being gifted in academics, sports, community leadership, etc. Thus far, nearly 30 learners have benefited from this partnership with the fifth group preparing for their 2021 exams. More learners are joining every year.

The first group of graduates were Uahana who is now studying Biochemistry is Cyprus, Melki who just acquired his Private Pilot License and Maruen who is studying Computer Science and is presently at PAY in the IT and Robotics Program.


Educate for Africa is a UK-based charity focusing on strengthening the quality and impact of education in order to improve governance, sustainable development and equality. The charity focuses on improving academic outcomes as well as working to address socio-economic and environmental factors which are barriers to quality teaching and learning. Educate for Africa has been working with Combretum since 2019, and has been supporting individual learners, outreach programmes as well as COVID-19 response measures. 

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