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The School with a Difference

Combretum Trust School is a small progressive secondary school which was established in 2004 to address a gap in the education offering in Namibia. Since then, Combretum has been providing progressive, quality secondary education, dynamic teaching and world standard qualifications.

Combretum Trust School is owned and run by Combretum Education Trust, a non-profit organization. It is an individual-focused school with an emphasis on dynamic education  which develops the full potential of all learners, fostering a passion for life-long, and life-appropriate learning.

The school provides a unique culture of care where individuality is championed, while still fostering a sense of community and responsibility for others. Combretum teaches learners to think broadly, and to critically engage with the world they live in.

We prepare learners for both Namibian Senior Secondary examinations and Cambridge International examinations. Our classes are small and our teachers are world-standard. We take individual interest in each learner and make every effort to develop their skills, confidence, competence and awareness of responsibilities. Enroll today to join our unique Combretum Family!



At Combretum we offer Cambridge exams as well as the Namibian national exams. Learners can choice which is better suited for them. This was the experience of our former learner Ayaka I. Abrahams: 

"For me the Cambridge system was highly beneficial as my overall marks were better on Cambridge.

Cambridge gave me enough marks to go to university. I believe that the Cambridge system focuses more on whether or not the student understands the work rather than their ability to memorize the work.

In general the Cambridge syllabus allowed me to creatively answer questions with understanding and offer my personal opinion.

From having studied both, the NSSC and the Cambridge Curriculum, The Cambridge System was a lot easier and it made my education more pleasant.


I believe that the Cambridge Curriculum helps students grow their own intellect as well as allow for a more effective form of learning." 


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